Going Vegan Soon

Hey I’m watching It's Easy To Be Vegan: A Step-by-Step Guide To A Healthy Vegan Lifestyle And Plant Based Eating For The Whole Family, Become A True Vegan Warrior With Raw Foods!. 
We are transitioning to vegetarian first then vegan eventually. We still have some animal products we are eating up as we work on replacing with vegan options. We also joined vegetarian and vegan groups to help us succeed where we previously failed in the past. They suggested a book to read, Diet for a Small Planet, we purchased to read. We are setting our life to become in the end permanently vegan. 

Coffee Is A Keeper

I decided to not give up coffee. Coffee has allot of good benifits. A stimulant can build nervousness and headaches and so can people and I still am required to tolerate them. Coffee is 1 thing we enjoy and even if it isn't group approved for a future goal.... perhaps that isn't ours.  We have goals in the present and 5 year goals to work towards. During the process we build and detour.

Food Goals

In class I learned about various food diets and customs. We decided for ourselves to go vegetarian starting next week. It fits our long term goals.
I have been collecting cookbooks on vegetarian for a long time but haven't fully transitioned. Decided now was the time to fully transition to meet our future goals.

Adventure In Creating

I passed midterms on the first try. I am so grateful. Have been learning allot about health, fitness and nutrition. Been studying diets as well. Bought a vegetarian & Plantbased Cookbook, Keto Cookbook and Mediterranean Diet Cookbook to experiment with and enjoy. 
Gyms closed and staying at home has been different. Purchased restriction bands to exercise with. Will be useful for us even after the Stay At Home order. Bought another running app. We are hoping to run more. 
We have a picture in our head of future goals. Exciting to build. It is important to not get frustrated with progress. Looks are deceiving so we have found it important to journal so we can see the picture clearer. Would say we have gotten no where and perhaps fooling ourselves until we see how far we have come. Praise be to God.

Please Consider

Downloaded the FBI FitTest.

In my class I'm learning about this stuff.
Age, physical inactivity, obesity, health conditions, and health-related quality of life among patients receiving conservative management for musculoskeletal disorders

Overweight and Density

Three Key Wellness Concepts


Social Wellness Toolkit

Emotional Wellness Toolkit

Frustrated But Inspired

Not intending to complain or rant. Just documenting. In the future I pray this collection of posts empowers and inspires another that you are not alone in your struggle with weightless and if or when I lose my weight I hope to stay humble and never forget how for I've come. As well, at times those who are fit, trim and in shape get judged. If I am judged I pray this accounts for my hard work and my why. I hope my outcome is to be a good example of health.

When I started with a personal trainer I was told I would reach my goal of 45 pounds in 6 months which would put me around my birthday. I tried an app and it said 7. I didn't use the app because I felt like it should have been upfront on price not mentioning price after sign up. The feeling of Gotcha and but wait there is more, I was not impressed. During the stay at home order I lost 4 pounds in the beginning to gain it all back today. I cannot go on a walk due to Mack's surgery yesterday. I could do some home workouts. …

Fitbit Numbers

Been getting use out of Fitbit. Trying to exercise as much as possible while trying to maintain a calorie deficit.